Special Collections, Champlain College

Erica consulted on special collections projects at Champlain College from 2011-2014. She currently manages the Llewellyn Collection of Vermont History and the College Archives as the College's Special Collections Director. Since 2011, her responsibilities have included establishing collections management systems; cataloging and manuscript arrangement; implementing conservation-quality storage and display solutions; curating rotating exhibits; and developing an online catalog.

Collections Policy Development, Waterbury Historical Society

In 2013, Erica worked with the Board of the Waterbury Historical Society to develop the organization’s first collections policy, a set of guidelines for managing their existing and future collections. 



Between 2010 and 2014, Erica was the contributing curator on a team of consultants preparing a detailed history of the interiors of three buildings on the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller estate property: the Mansion, Belvedere, and Bungalow. 


Consultations, StEPs Standards Program

In 2013, Erica was hired by the American Association for State and Local History to hold brief consultations with several organizations participating in its Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations (StEPs). These conversations were designed to assist the organizations in completing the collections standards portion of the program. 


We both feel much more comfortable after talking with you that we can develop the tools and procedures to help our society.  We've already started making plans and drafting procedures … We really enjoyed talking with you and felt so very encouraged.  These museum amateurs very much appreciated your wonderful way of communicating your very impressive expertise in ways that we could totally understand and do." - Donnavae Hughes and Elizabeth Robbins, Volunteers, Garland County Historical Society

"The collections policy you drafted for us is not only clear, concise and thorough but also understandable for anyone, present and future boards, to interpret and understand the intent. Well done. - Chris Palermo, Board Member, Waterbury Historical Society